The Food Festival is an annual food event set in the beautiful bay of Aarhus. The festival takes place every year in the first weekend of September. It is the biggest food event in Northern Europe, hosting events such as Danish Championship in Hotdogs. Through such events, the Food Festival combines innovation and interaction with the audiences.

In just 6 years, the Food Festival has gained momentum with around 30,000 visitors in only one weekend. The primary purpose of the festival is to communicate inspiration and gastronomic knowledge about the Nordic food culture to all of its visitors.

The Food Festival offers a wide range of special events and tastings with a special focus on Nordic food culture – from seaweed safaris to sausage-making and cabbage workshops, to gourmet picnics along the shore. Visitors of all ages will discover engaging and insightful activities and workshops.

The Food Festival is driven by enthusiasm and passion for local food culture, and seeks to promote the Nordic kitchen nationally as well as internationally. We gather some of the leading producers, chefs and enthusiasts to raise questions and create experiences around Nordic food for all our visitors.

Our visitors will experience a wide range of different areas around the festival site.

You have the opportunity to discover new plants for your cooking in “The Kingdom of Plants”, you can go catch your very own fish by “The Ocean” or maybe you just want a cold Nordic produced beer in the area of “Nordic Sips”. Subjects such as sustainability, cooking, ecology, old crafts are explored during the festival.

The Food Festival offers a diversity of opportunities and great experiences to a broad group of people in just one weekend.