The Multisensory Psychology of Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a fascinating topic where sensory science, physiology, and psychology converge. Come learn a system for better appreciating wine while exploring some of the most famous wine styles in the world. Drawing upon the latest research on food intrinsic and extrinsic factors, researchers from the AU Department of Food Science will also explain how our experience of a wine can be influenced by both what is inside as well as outside the glass!

Qian Janice Wang is an assistant professor in Food Science at Aarhus University. Qian Janice Wang completed her PhD and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Crossmodal Research Lab at the University of Oxford. Her research examines crossmodal correspondences involved in flavour perception, with special focus on how sound can modify and enhance the way we perceive food and drink. Before coming to Oxford, she explored the intersection between music, food, design, and technology at the MIT Media Lab. Her work spans psychological experiments, technological enhancements, and multisensory performances.
A keen lover of wine, Janice was the two-time President of the Oxford University Blind Tasting Society. She has competed in and won many university wine-tasting competitions in Europe. She has recently completed her WSET Diploma certification and the WSET Wine Educator course.

Time: Friday at 11.45-12.30
Place: Sundhed og Bæredygtighedsteltet
Organizer: Aarhus Universitet